Now you’ve got your freshers' wardrobe ready it’s time to think about the practical stuff, you know the stuff you need to live. It’s pretty likely that if you’re moving out all you’ll have is a bed, a desk and a shared bathroom and toilet so you’ll need a few bits to make sure you can survive.


Your room is going to be pretty empty, and unless you like the clean and clinical look you might want to add a few personal touches to your room. Here’s what we think you kings need for your new uni room:

• Duvet

• Bedsheets

• Pillows

• Pillowcases

• Mattress protector

• Clothes hangers (for your KWD threads)

• Laundry basket (making washing easier)

• Bin

• Mini iron and ironing board (you want to look fresh right?)

• Extension plug


Whether you were lucky enough to bag yourself a private bathroom or if you’re sharing it with everyone else, there are a few essentials you need.

• Shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, shavers etc

• Toothbrush (we know it sounds obvious)

• Toothpaste and holder

• Soap

• Toilet cleaner, bleach, toilet brush

• Towels (and hand towels)

• Toilet rolls


The best place to make friends is in the kitchen- who doesn’t love eating! So to make sure you make a good impression get your kitchen cupboards stocked up with all the cutlery and crockery you need.

• Cutlery (a four-pack will do)

• Plates, bowls, mugs and glasses

• Toastie Maker (this is a MUST)

• Cheese Grater

• Kitchen Knives

• Tupperware containers (great for meal prepping)

• Tea towels

• Pans

• Baking Tray

• Oven Gloves

• Tin and Bottle Opener

• Shot Glasses

• Chopping Board

• Bin Bags

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