Here at KWD we can’t get enough of festivals. What’s not to like? There’s some seriously sick live music, unique style that you wouldn’t find anywhere else and at least 15 minutes of uninterrupted sunshine throughout the weekend. 

Festival season is in full swing, and with Parklife being one of the littest events in the KWD summer calendar we want to make sure that each and every one of you gets the most from your time in the fields.  

Parklife 2018 is being held at Heaton Park, Manchester on Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th of June, and features some of the biggest names in urban music right now. Artists include Skepta, N.E.R.D, A$AP Rocky, J Hus, Giggs and more, as well as loads of up-and-coming rappers, bands and musicians for you to listen to across the weekend. 

Parklife is a two day event with no camping, but that doesn’t mean there are no essentials to take with you. Most people in the KWD office have been to Parklife a few times, and learned the hard way the items you can’t forget. To help you out, here’s our tried-and-tested checklist of Parklife stuff you'll need:

Tickets: Hands down the most important item on this list. Forget these and you’re not getting in. 

Photo ID: In-date passport, driving licence or citizen card.

Small bag / bum bag: Parklife have a strict bag policy this year, and basically you’re not going to get in if you have a backpack or large bag. Stick with a small bag (smaller than A4 size) to avoid drama at the gates. 

Lightweight waterproof jacket: This is the UK and let’s face facts, it will probably rain at some point. Best pack something waterproof to protect you from the downpour. 

Cash: Don’t assume that everywhere will accept contactless. Avoid the ATM queues and bring cash with you. It’s also worth storing a couple of notes in the back of your phone case for emergencies.  

Tissues and hand sanitizer gel: Festival toilets aren’t exactly known for being clean. Best bringing a pack of pocket tissues and hand sanitizer to brave the Portaloos with. 

Suitable footwear: Wellies are the obvious choice here - they’re waterproof and will protect your legs from the unavoidable mud. If you can’t face wearing anything but your kicks, throw on a pair that you don’t mind getting covered in mud. Leave your Yeezys at home. 

Sunscreen / sunglasses / hat: Because festivals and sunstroke don’t mix. 


KWD Festival Tips

Choose a meeting point: Signal at Parklife can be a bit dead, and the chance of finding your mates again if you lose them is pretty much zero. Choose a meeting point when you get there (e.g. the entrance you arrived through) to make it easier to link back up with your group if you get split up. 

Stay hydrated: If the sun’s beating down you’re gonna want to drink lots of water. It’s better for you and means that you’ll feel fresher for longer, especially if you’re also drinking alcohol. 

Avoid the toilets near the main stage: These will be grim after the couple of hours. Walk a bit further and use the ones on the edge of the site instead. 

Remember the Pincer movement: Want to get near the front of the stage? Avoid going straight through the middle and try and go in from the sides instead. This means you’ll be pushing through less people to get to where you need to be. 

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