Sam Perrin has trained hard over the past few years. He’s gone from, in his own words, the ‘smallest guy in the room’ to a bodybuilding sensation, and continues to inspire others to smash their fitness goals. 

We chatted with Sam to get the lowdown on how hard he trains, what he eats and his plans for the future. 

Just starting out at the gym? Sam reveals just what kept him motivated when he was, under his own admission, the smallest guy in the room.  

Hi Sam, how’s life? Have you been enjoying the heatwave?

Hey guys! Life is good! The weather's been awesome and I've been been able to get the roof off my car and venture to some awesome gyms around the southwest!

Sounds great! How difficult has it been to stay motivated to go to the gym in the heat? Do you have any motivation tips?

I find training in this weather particularly hard, but it hasn’t slowed me down whatsoever - not a single session has been missed! I guess that’s what separates the men from the boys. While the majority are taking rest days or going to the beach on the weekends, me and my training partner are venturing into the city to train. 

I personally prefer the more hardcore-style gyms because they give me a real motivation boost! I recommend to anyone that’s into bodybuilding to find the gym with the heaviest motivation and get in there. We are all brothers in that kind of place, and though it can look intimidating from the outside, you’ll find the most genuine and encouraging people on the inside. 

Speaking of the gym, mind giving us an insight into your workout routine?

In regards to my training / diet and routine, I’m pretty standard with a push pull split, I have to smash each muscle group at least once a week. These are what I work on:
  • Shoulders and triceps 
  • Back and biceps 
  • Legs
  • Chest and triceps

What about diet – would you say you’re disciplined? What sort of stuff do you eat on a day-to-day basis?

I’ve not stepped onto a stage yet, but I aim to at some point next year. So that’s when the strict diet will begin! With my genetics I have to eat a lot of everything all the time, that’s 4-6 meals a day or I feel like I’m fading away. These usually consist of chicken and lots of steaks - I mean like 2 to 3 at a time. Oh, and plain pasta - I’m just one of those weird guys that doesn’t like sauce!

Do you have any advice for anyone who’s just starting out at the gym?

If you’re just starting out at the gym, my advice is don’t stop. Every single day you get better. Never be afraid to ask one of the bigger guys for help, and remember your worst critic is yourself. To everybody else you look ten times better than you think you do. Try not to compare yourself to guys in the gym that have been training for years, and don’t let them make you feel demoralised. In fact, let them inspire you to reach your goals. 

Who would you say is your biggest inspiration and why?

My inspiration to start lifting weights was actually a guy I looked up to in college when I was 19, but he doesn’t know it. I was 9 stone, had just gone through a bad breakup and I didn’t know how to look after myself. I was the smallest guy in the room, and he was a big tough guy, and he told me I should start training. He said he’d help me, but I was too shy for the gym. 

That’s a regret of mine, that I didn’t start training sooner. I’d have started my fitness journey two years earlier if I’d listened to him!

My biggest bodybuilding idol has to be Tavi Castro, since he was one of the first guys I followed online. He actually has the same dog as me, had the body I wanted to have and, to top it off, owns some awesome cars - and that’s me - dogs, cars and training. 

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You’ve got some dope tattoos, is there one that means the most to you?

My arms are covered in faces, skulls and masks purely because I thought it looked badass. 

My chest piece is probably my favourite, it’s a man and a woman so kind of like a power couple theme. The man is a fierce, joker-style rocker with a pentagram in his ear and ‘Karma’ tattooed above his eyebrow. The lady on the other side has references to my girlfriend, with a face tattoo of a snowflake. I’ve also got the name of my Chow Chow puppy - who I think has more Instagram followers than I do! Across the top is ‘Dead Memories’, which is a song by the metal band Slipknot that’s been one of my favourites for years. 

Do you have plans to get any more?

I currently have five full day sessions booked for my leg and to finish my other arm, with the same guy from the ‘Nautilus’ tattoo shop in Taunton, Somerset.  

And finally, what does the future hold for you? Do you have any projects in the pipeline?

My future plans up until right now have been quiet among friends, but I’m currently in search of my own gym in Taunton. Of course it will be a hardcore-style gym and I can’t wait to get the cogs in motion, so watch this space! 

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