We sat down with London based artist Richmond Katsande to get the lowdown on what inspires his art, his style and his plans for the future. 

Hi Richmond, tell us a random fact about yourself!

Hi - two random things about me is that I draw everyday and that I love clothes. 


If you could describe your art in three words, what would they be?

If I could describe my artwork in three words it would be culture, design and fashion. 

How do you come up with ideas for drawings?

I come up with ideas of my drawings by visiting art galleries, magazines and fashion shows, and I research a lot online. 

What’s your biggest inspiration when it comes to your art?

My biggest inspiration when it comes to my art is the love I have for clothes and unique designs, as well as a desire to bring culture to my work. 

Your art features some serious style, what is your go-to item of clothing?

My go-to items of clothing are t-shirts and hoodies, I like to stay comfortable. 

Who is your biggest style inspiration and why?

My biggest style inspiration is streetwear. I like to look at a lot of different styles, and I think that streetwear brands inspire me because I want to make my own brand one day. 

We think your sketch of you wearing the KWD hoodie is dope. What’s your favourite KWD item of clothing?

My favourite Kings Will Dream clothes are the t-shirts and hoodies. 

Are you a jeans or tracksuits kinda guy?

I’m a jeans guy. 

What’s next for you? Do you have any projects in the pipeline?

My next move is to find a brand that I can work with so that I could produce my designs on their clothes. 

And finally, where can we check out more of your work?

Other than my Instagram, I also have a website that shows all my work. You can find that here

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