Well done kings! You got into uni and now it’s time to celebrate, before studying hard (of course). The first week of uni can be pretty daunting, especially if you have moved out so boost your confidence by wearing some fresh threads.

We’ve picked out the three most important moments of your fresher’s week and curated a fire outfit for each so that you can look and feel fresh.


Meeting the Flatmates

So it’s a pretty big moment when you meet the group of people you’re going to be living with for a whole year so you want to make a good impression. We’re not saying dress up and cover yourself in your favourite aftershave but you want the people you live with to know you’re a king. A simple hoodie, jean and sneaks combination is always a winner. It’s a casual look that doesn’t make you look like a slob.

Our Baywood Flock Chevron hoodie is the ideal piece for making a good impression. The crisp white colourway will help you stand out and the camo chevrons down the arms show that you’ve got good taste. Pair with our Hazard jeans in Indigo for a casual vibe when moving in.

The Big Night Out

Now you’ve met your housemates you’re probably all getting ready for the first night of freshers. This is a big one, everyone is going to be there and you could actually make some friends for life tonight. This calls for a fire outfit from Kings Will Dream.

Our range of Rifton tees are the ones for a night out. A classic silhouette with an iconic print this Rifton tee in black and gold features white pinstripes with KWD branding taping down the arm. Gold accents give this tee a luxurious edge, making you look like a baller this freshers. Keep it simple and team the tee with our Hazard jeans again to keep yourself looking smart.

The First Lecture

After partying for a week its time to get serious and start studying. During your first lecture you’ll meet everyone on your course and making a good impression is vital. Lectures can also be pretty long so you need to make sure whatever you wear is comfy and looks fresh. A tracksuit is a perfect call.

New in at KWD is the Miller tracksuit in grey, featuring a sweatshirt and jogger this set is on-point and we think it will impress everyone in that lecture hall. With repeat branded taping and blue accents rep this tracksuit hook-up with confidence while owning that first lecture.