Festival season is in full swing and no matter where you’re pitching up this summer, we’ve got everything you need to survive your summer of sound. 

Trekking around a hot, muddy field all day can get a bit much, so make sure you’re prepared. Get geared up by packing your essentials into a bum bag so you can keep on raving all day. They may have been uncool a few years ago, but the bum bag trend is back and dominating the festival scene with a new wave of style. 

Did you even go to the festival if you don’t put it on your story? So there’s no doubt you’ll want to remember to take your phone so you can grab a lit Instagram video. Pack a portable charger so you can get some sick snaps the whole weekend. 

We all know festival toilets and showers are grim, so we advise you pack mini toiletries like toothpaste and deodorant to keep yourself looking fresh from morning to night. 

It’s more than likely that it will rain while you’re there, but that doesn’t mean you have to leave your new threads behind. Nail the festival look by mixing up a waterproof jacket with a graphic hoodie such as this one to keep you looking on point (and dry).

Festival food is always a highlight, so with a field full of burger vans and beer tents don’t forget to bring your cash to try what’s on offer. Whether that be different drinks or a quick bite to keep you raving on. But at £10 a pop it can get a bit pricey so it’s a decent idea to pack some food as a backup in case you splash too much cash. 

Your brand new iPhone might be great at capturing those lit moments, but make sure you take a cheap old phone too. One that does just the essentials, call and text, so if you lose your phone and your mates in the crowd you’ll be able to find each other again. 

Taking a tent is pretty obvious but always buy a larger tent than you actually need. If there’s two of you there’s also two lots of bags and not much space for anything else, especially when it’s soaking wet. Choose a tent that’s one person bigger than you need, so you get a good night’s sleep before you wake up and party all over again. 

Where abouts your tent is can be a make or break. You want to be close to the toilet but not too close so you have to endure the smell all weekend, or at the bottom of a hill in case your festival turns into a swamp on day one. But you don’t want to be so close to the paths that you’re woken up by people lost in the wrong camp at 5am. 

Finding where you’ve pitched up can be long, so make sure you find something memorable like a flag to make sure you end up back in the right tent at 2am. 

You’ll want to stay fresh, especially if you’re raving all day, so make sure you keep yourself hydrated with some water.  This might even come in handy when you’re worse for wear and need to re-hydrate the morning after.

If you’re festivaling for three days, take clothes for four days. Then if the weather is grim or you get drenched in beer you’ve got something dry to change into. And it goes without saying to pack some wellies so you don’t end up ruining your kicks - and leave your Yeezys at home. 

Festivals are an excuse to wear your sunglasses all day every day, even at night. And don’t forget to take a hat - not only will it protect you from the sun but it will also add a finishing touch to your outfit. Why not try our sick Suede Camo Baseball Cap to bring some urban style to the fields?

Also -  don’t take anything you’re not prepared to lose or damage in any way. 

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