April’s done, and we’ve been listening to some seriously sick Spotify playlists this month. The weather might be getting warmer, but these tunes are hot throughout the year. We’ve put in a mixture of rap, grime, trap and EDM in this month’s Spotify Rundown, so get your earbuds out and immerse yourself in some summer beats. 

Grime Classics

KWD Recommends: P’s and Q’s - Kano 

You can’t beat some colossal tunes to set you up for the week, and this iconic playlist is the ONE if you’re into classic grime. 

Rap Workout

KWD Recommends: If I can’t - 50 Cent

Looking for a playlist to keep you going at the gym? Rap Workout has some top tunes to keep you motivated during your workout. You got this. 

Chill Trap

KWD Recommends: Hard to Forget - Jane XØ

If you want to chill out after the gym, Chill Trap is the ultimate wind down playlist. With mellow trap beats and some unique sounds, these tunes are your ticket to switching off. 

Urban Hot 50

KWD Recommends: Look Alive (feat. Drake) - BlocBoy JB

For some red hot sounds from some huge artists, it has to be the Urban Hot 50 playlist. With tracks from Post Malone, MoStack, Migos and loads more, this has been our go-to playlist this month. 

This is: Avicii

KWD Recommends: Levels - Avicii

Heading to Ibiza this year? There’s bound to be some tributes to the Avicii this season. Avicii unfortunately passed away this month, but his music will live forever. This is: Avicii is the ultimate soundtrack to your lads holiday, so turn up the volume and rave on. 

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